DSM Theater at McPherson Beach

DSM Theater offers guests a chance to watch great movies in a state of the art facility. Featuring a 80" 4K Ultra HD screen, UHD, Blu-ray, and HD-DVD players, 7.1 sound, and stadium seating, DSM Theater puts you in a total movie experience. DSM Theater has a collection of over 1200 of the greatest movies and TV shows ever made for your viewing pleasure and an impressive list of posters adorning the walls. The DSM Theater Lobby provides popcorn and snacks for guests and allows browsing of the DVD collection.

Once a month, DSM Theater hosts the "Movie of the Month Night", affectionately known as M.O.T.M.a.N., to showcase the finest films ever put on disc. Typically held on the first or second weekend of each month, M.O.T.M.a.N. has entertained audiences for years. Click here to see the list of films that have been a part of M.O.T.M.a.N. history.