Movie of the Month Night History

01/19/18Sausage PartyAli Baba Bunny (Bugs & Daffy)
11/24/17Baby DriverBunny Hugged (Bugs Bunny)
11/29/13Man of SteelSahara Hare (Bugs & Sam)
03/29/13The HobbitHare Trigger (Bugs & Sam)
01/23/10Inglourious BasterdsMexican Boarders (Speedy Gonzalez)
12/20/09The HangoverBarbary Coast Bunny (Bugs Bunny)
02/01/08Knocked Up(none)
01/06/08Bourne UltimatumCat Feud (Marc Anthony & Pussyfoot)
12/23/07TransformersDuck! Rabbit! Duck! (Bugs, Daffy, and Elmer)
09/30/07Casino Royale(none)
07/28/07Sky Captain and the World of TomorrowRabbit and Hare (Bugs Bunny)
03/23/07V for Vendetta(none)
02/25/07The Departed(none)
01/06/07Mission Impossible III(none)
10/29/06SignsBungholio: Lord of the Harvest (Beavis & Butt-Head)
09/24/06Red EyeMouse Wreckers (Looney Tunes)
08/25/06AdaptationKitty Kornered (Slyvester & Tweety)
07/16/06Napolean DynomiteTweet, Tweet, Tweety (Slyvester & Tweety)
06/16/06Minority Report(none)
05/13/06Runaway Jury(none)
04/21/06House of Flying Daggers(none)
03/04/06Man on Fire(none)
02/12/06The 40 Year Old Virgin(none)
01/14/06Wedding Crashers(none)
12/11/05Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith(none)
11/12/05Batman BeginsAll Abir-r-r-d (Sylvester & Tweety)
10/14/05Million Dollar BabyA Corny Concerto (Looney Tunes)
09/16/05Sin CityLittle Red Riding Rabbit(Bugs Bunny)
08/06/05Harold & Kumar go to White CastleGift Wrapped (Sylvester & Tweety)
07/10/05The Incredibles(none)
05/15/05SidewaysCat Napping (Tom & Jerry)
04/10/05Kill Bill: Vol 2What's Opera Doc? (Bugs Bunny & Elmer Fudd)
03/12/05AnchormanHare Conditioned (Bugs Bunny)
02/12/05Spider-Man 2French Rabbit(Bugs Bunny)
01/07/05CollateralScrambled Aches (Road Runner & Wiley E Coyate)
12/10/04Bourne SupremacyGorilla My Dreams (Bugs Bunny)
11/13/04Mystic RiverCueball Cat (Tom & Jerry)
10/01/04Star Wars IV: A New Hope(none)
09/10/04The School of Rock(none)
08/07/04Bad SantaBugs Bunny Gets the Boid (Bugs & Beaky Buzzard)
07/16/04A Mighty WindFor Scent-imental Reasons (Pepe Le Pew)
06/11/04LOTR:The Return of the King(none)
05/15/04Master and CommanderBugs Bunny and the Three Bears (Bugs Bunny)
04/17/04Kill Bill: Vol 1Devil May Hare (Bugs Bunny & Taz)
03/05/04Lost in TranslationBunker Hill Bunny (Bugs Bunny & Yosamite Sam)
02/13/04ScarfaceCannary Row (Sylvester & Tweety)
01/10/04NarcBugs and Thugs (Bugs Bunny)
12/12/03Pirates of the CaribbeanBallot Box Bunny
10/31/03The Others(none)
10/10/03Catch Me If You Can(none)
09/05/03Lord of the Rings: The Two TowersHow to get into a theater w/o a ticket(Bullwinkle)
08/16/03Old School(none)
07/11/03Gangs of New YorkI'm Cold (Chilly Willy)
06/06/03Star Trek: NemesisThe Barber of Seville (Woody Woodpecker)
05/10/03The Sum of all FearsCall of the Simpsons (The Simpsons)
04/04/03Major LeagueDancin' Homer (The Simpsons)
03/08/03Leon: The ProfessionalThe Dover Boys
02/15/03Beverly Hills CopFresh Hare (Bugs & Elmer)
01/10/03xXxMice Follies (Tom & Jerry)
12/14/02From HellHo, Ho, Humbug (Beavis & Butthead)
11/16/02Star Wars II: Attack of the ClonesZoot Cat (Tom & Jerry)
11/04/02SpidermanSolid Serinade (Tom & Jerry)
10/12/02Ghost WorldMouse in Manhatten (Tom & Jerry)
09/13/02Ocean's ElevenYankee Doodle Mouse (Tom & Jerry)
08/16/02Lord of the Ringsnone
07/13/02Star Wars I: The Phantom MeniceSalt Water Tabby (Tom & Jerry)
06/01/02*** closed for renovation ***
10/01/01*** closed for renovation ***
08/10/01Stir of Echoesnone
07/13/01Remember the Titansnone
06/08/01Crouchin Tiger, Hidden Dragonnone
05/19/01X-MenOne Droopy Knight (Droopy)
04/07/01Charlie's AngelsCaptain Hareblower (Bugs & Sam)
02/03/01Me, Myself, and IreneA Lad and his Lamp (Bugs Bunny)
01/05/01MagnoliaRabbit Every Monday (Bugs Bunny)
12/15/00The Perfect StormIt's a Miserable Life (Beavis & Butthead)
11/11/00American BeautyRhapsody Rabbit (Bugs Bunny)
10/14/00Galaxy QuestMagical Maestro (Tex Avery)
07/08/00Scream 3???
06/10/00Fight ClubCrowing Pains (Foghorn Leghorn?)
The Sixth Sense
03/11/00Good Will Huntingnone
02/11/00GoRobin Hood Daffy (Daffy Duck)
01/07/00South Park??? (Tom & Jerry)
12/03/99Austin Powers IIBallot Box Bunny (Bugs Bunny)
11/05/99The Big Lebowski??? (George of the Jungle)
10/02/99Nightmare on Elm St.none
09/03/99Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking BarrelsPied Piper of Guatalara (Speedy Gonzales)
08/07/99There's Something About MaryRabbitson Crusoe (Bugs Bunny)
07/02/99GhostbustersDrag-a-long Droopy (Droopy)
06/05/99The Spanish PrisonerBirth of a Notion (Tex Avery)
04/03/99Die HardBeanstalk Bunny(Bugs & Daffy)
03/05/99RoundersMy Bunny Lies Over Sea (Bugs Bunny)
02/13/99The Truman ShowWitch Doctor (George of the Jungle)
01/08/99Leathal Weapon 4Birds Anonymous (Sylvester & Tweety)
12/04/98SpeedBugs' Xmas (Bugs Bunny)
11/06/98SwingersHeavenly Cat (???)
10/02/98Wild ThingsHillbilly Hare (Bugs Bunny)
09/11/98New Jack CityFeather Dusted (Foghorn Leghorn)
08/07/98Scream 2Wags to Riches (Droopy)
07/10/98BatmanWikki Wabbit (Bugs Bunny)
06/06/98Conspiracy TheoryLovelorn Leghorn (Foghorn Leghorn)
05/02/98L.A. ConfidentialDeputy Droopy (Droopy)
04/04/98TrainspottingRoman Legion Hare (Bugs & Sam)
03/07/98The Fifth ElementSymphony in Slang (Tex Avery)
02/06/98Austin PowersOne Froggy Evening (Michigan J Frog)
01/09/98The Long Kiss GoodnightTweet and Lovely (Sylvester & Tweety)
12/05/97Beavis & Butt-head Do AmericaBunny Hugged (Bugs Bunny)
11/01/97Exorcist IIIClown Without Pity (The Simpsons)
Cape FearKing Homer (The Simpsons)
10/04/97SupercopThe Spirit of X-Mas (South Park)
09/06/97KingpinKing of the Jungle (George of the Jungle)
08/02/97Cable GuyRabbit Punch (Bugs Bunny)
07/05/97True LiesFractured Leghorn (Foghorn Leghorn)
06/06/97Under Siege 2Ace in the Hole (Woody Woodpecker)
05/03/97The Usual Suspectsnone
04/05/97ClockersMagical Maestro (Bugs Bunny)
03/07/97Happy GilmoreRackateer Rabbit (Bugs Bunny)