The 2013 McPherson Beach Year in Review


Happy New Year and welcome to the fashionably late Mac Beach year in review.Just when you thought the holiday season was over, this little treasure shows up in your mailbox to rekindle that special holiday feeling.Youíre welcome.

Taking a trip around this yearís card, on the front is the new West Beach bridge.Built exactly the same as the East Beach bridge except this one is a whopping 32 feet long.Not confirmed but I believe this is the largest hand built bridge within a .5 mile radius.Also pictured is the new rollup door in the Bamboo Lounge which matches the rollup door on the other side of the bar. Just look at the sunshine pour thru! A new window was also added in the side wall of the Lounge and the bar tv was upgraded to a 32Ē tv with an hd box.The final picture is a group photo from one of the Mac Beach Open volleyball tournaments.Unfortunately, just as the picture was being taken, Superman flew overhead distracting every one.The MBO expanded to four tournaments this year.The Co-ed 4ís, the King & Queen of the Beach, the Remix 4ís (also co-ed), and new to this year to the 2ís Mixer (co-ed 2ís).I believe all four tournaments were maxed out and that led to a record $3520 donated to Camp Twin Lakes.

On the inside of the card starting in the top left is the new Gift Shop.This was built just off the Lounge into what used to be part of the crawl space.The shelves look a little empty in this pic but some exciting new merchandise has already arrived and more is on the way.The addition also includes a new bathroom so sandy volleyball players donít have to go thru the house anymore.Next is a group of kids enjoying the pool.I hire these kids to dig holes and move sand and all I have to pay them is 50 cents/hour and let them in the pool for 10 minutes.Child labor is the best!Next is some action from the McPherson Beach Volleyball League that just happens to picture me.It was another year of good fun and competition almost every weekend from early April to late October.For those wondering, that shot was not blocked, it was clearly a winner (at least thatís what I remember).The final pic is from the biggest Poker Night at Macís Game Room ever.We had 38 players that night resulting in the need of a 4th table for the first time in almost three years.There were fewer tournaments this year than ever before but we still raised $3626 for various charities thanks to the two biggest fundraising tournaments ever.Total charitable contributions from PN@MGR just passed $35K after the last tournament.

On the back of the card starting in the top left is me and some homeless guy named Pat that keeps showing up to my Summer Kick Off & End of Summer parties.He does bring good bbq with him so we all put up with his nonsensical ramblings and general lack of hygiene. ††Next is me with some of my poker buddies Connie, Amit, Steve, Dave, & Dave who managed to come to my place for one of my parties even though there wasnít a poker game going.Iím assuming this picture is slightly out of focus in an attempt to protect the identities of these degenerates (note: Connie is associated by marriage and is not a degenerate herself).Moving down is me and my lovely cousin Caity who came all the way from Florida to enjoy the awesomeness of a Mac Beach party.Finally, thereís me and two of my volleyball friends who shall remain nameless because I suspect they both might be in this country illegally.Letís just call them ďEdĒ and ďTedĒ to be safe.I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to all the ladies out there for ruining an apparent trend in this yearís card by having a shirt on in this picture.

56 tons of sand was added to the Beach this year (and about 8 tons was replaced due to yet another structural break down from heavy rains).This brings the overall total at Mac Beach to 604 tons.Thereís no end in sight of adding sand as thereís plenty more dirt to be replaced by sand before Iím done.Iíll guestimate 400 more tons and about 7 years should do it.Sand from 13 new beaches (including 1 nude beach!) was added this year bringing that total to 346.

My travels this year took me to, in order, Biloxi, Pensacola, Tampa, Montgomery/Biloxi, Fort Walton Beach/Panama City, Fort Lauderdale, and finally Louisville/Nashville.The themes for these trips were poker, beach/poker, baseball/beach/poker, baseball/poker, volleyball/beach/poker, beach/poker, & poker/GT football.Hmm, see any trends here?The volleyball trip was the Fudpuckers tournament in FWB where my team made it to the semi-finals.Iím trending upwards at Fuds!The GT game in Nashville (from which I just returned) continued my streak of seeing Tech play football in a different stadium to 15 years.


Thatís all I got for 2013, I hope you enjoyed the holidays, and see you at the Beach in 2014,

††††† The McPherson Beach Staff (a.k.a. Dave)


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