The 2010 McPherson Beach Year in Review


Welcome to the ‘better late than never’ McPherson Beach Year in Review.  Depending on how far you live from Mac Beach, you may or may not be receiving this before the New Years.  I’ve been busy working with the Heat Miser trying to find ways to increase global warming so it never drops below 50 at Mac Beach.

This year’s card features a montage of Mac Beach activities.  The pictures include:  

- Myself after winning the Poker Night at Mac’s Game Room Players Championship.  I’ve been hosting poker tournaments for over 6 years now and we’ve raised almost $24000 for various charities. 

- Kissing the trophies are Sandy Cracks, the winners of this year’s Mac Beach Open co-ed 4’s volleyball tournament.  There were 7 teams in this year’s co-ed tournament.  I added a King of the Beach tournament that had 9 players.  In all, we raised $745 for Camp Twin Lakes. 

- Some friends and I causing Freddy Mercury to turn over in his grave by butchering Bohemian Rhapsody during a Karaoke Night at the Bamboo Lounge. 

- Action from the McPherson Beach Volleyball League.  My weekly volleyball game keeps getting better every year, we averaged 12-14 players a week this year and finished most days relaxing at Taco Mac or another eatery. 

- Myself in the middle of the always enjoyable ‘Tracy&Ellen’ sandwich, a friend and I showing off the latest beach fashion trends (I rock it with the pinky out), and a few more random pictures from the Summer Kick Off and End of Summer parties which continue to be great fun for all. 

- Finally, there’s a picture of the two biggest palm trees at Mac Beach.  Beneath those trees is the sand, of which there is now over 425 tons coming from over 300 different beaches (yea, that segue was weak, just go with it).

Besides a small expansion of the beach, nothing new was added the McPherson Beach grounds this year.  Feat not, there are three projects either planned or underway for the next year so new and exciting things are on the way!

 As for yours truly…

The year started out with a trip to Miami to watch Georgia Tech play in the Orange Bowl.  Not only did Tech lose but, as a special bonus, it was the coldest Orange Bowl ever!  It was 44 degrees or so during the game.  Also saw a Hawks/Heat game, played poker in a handful of casinos, and visited some beaches despite the lack of normal south FL warmth.

I took my annual trip to Fort Walton Beach in April for the Fudpucker volleyball tournament.  My team won a couple of games on Sat but, once again, lost our first playoff game on Sun.  I spent my usual couple of nights in Biloxi as part of this trip and visited my nephew and his family in Baton Rouge.

A big group of us went to Costa Rica in May for my friend Seth’s bachelor party.  We rented a house on the beach just outside of Jaco.  We went surfing one day and my second attempt ever at surfing went only slightly better than my first a few years ago in Maui.  Perhaps I’ll try a lesson before my third attempt.

I traveled to Wisconsin in July for Seth and Laura’s wedding.  I spent the first day in Milwaukee where a group of us saw an afternoon game at Miller Park and I spent the night playing poker at the Potawatomi casino.  The next day I hit some Lake Michigan beaches and then spent the next two nights in Appleton for the wedding.  I also found some time to go to Lambeau Field and the casino in Green Bay.

In September, a group of us headed out to Kansas City to see the Jackets take on Kansas.   Tech inexplicably lost despite being approximately 58 point favorites.  I at least got to dine at Oklahoma Joe’s, see a Royals game at Kauffman Stadium, and play poker in two local casinos as part of the trip.

I just took another trip to fabulous Las Vegas in early December.   It was the usual, four of us wolves running around the desert together looking for strippers and cocaine.  Also finally rented a car and drove to Hoover Dam to see if I could pick up any tips on where I went wrong in my dam building efforts from years past.


That concludes the 6th annual Mac Beach year in review.  There is no need to send a thank you note.  I’ll just assume you treasured the opportunity to read it.


 Happy Holidays and see you at the Beach in 2011,

      The McPherson Beach Staff (a.k.a. Dave)


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