The 2009 McPherson Beach Year in Review


2009 was another great year at McPherson Beach as hundreds visited to play volleyball, swim in the pool, sing karaoke, roast marshmallows by the bonfire, watch movies, and play poker.   Some choose to visit unexpectedly at midnight, jump in the pool, and scare the bajeezes out of the guy sitting inside but that’s another story.

Pictured on the front of this year’s card is a group photo from the Mac Beach Open volleyball tournament held in July.  We had 11 teams this year and raised $885 for Camp Twin Lakes.  After making it to the finals last year, my team lost a close game in the semi-finals this year.  On the inside of the card (ooh… fancy multy-pictured card this year!), there is a picture from a Poker Night at Mac’s Game Room tournament.  We had another fun year of tournaments and raised $4435 for various charities bringing the grand total to $18130 donated over the years.  Also pictured is a fine looking gentlemen singing karaoke during Happy Hour in the Bamboo Lounge.  He may have been performing a stirring rendition of “I believe I can fly” leaving nary a dry eye in the place.  Happy Hour was held in March, July, and November.  The final picture is from McPherson Beach Volleyball League action.   Once again, we played virtually every weekend from April to October.  A record 54 players joined the fun this year and we averaged around 10-12 players per week.

In April, the Cabana by the pool was redesigned with a new look.  The “large oak tree crushing the Cabana” look didn’t go over too well though and, by July, it was returned its original state.  In May, a gravel parking lot was added for guests of Mac Beach.  Those with front wheel drive quickly learned not to park facing downhill.   There was also a further expansion of the beach area into land that may or may not be “officially” on Mac Beach grounds.  In September, epic rains caused the bridge to get washed downstream for the 2nd time.  The creek was several feet higher than it has ever been before.   The bridge is back in place awaiting repairs.  The Summer Kick Off and End of Summer parties were once again a smashing success enjoyed by many.  Several dwarf blue palmettos and needle palms were planted around Mac Beach this year.  Unfortunately, only one of the three big cabbage palms planted last year has survived.  The large amount of decking around Mac Beach got a well needed cleaning and sealing resulting in a few to ask if the decking was new.  43 tons of sand were added this year bringing the grand total to 377 tons of sand.  Sand from 27 beaches was also added including sand from Jamaica, Cabo San Lucas, England, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and Egypt.

 As for yours truly… In Feb, I spent a long weekend in Tunica playing poker with three buddies.  I must have broken about even as I don’t remember winning or losing too much.  In April, I took my almost annual trip to Biloxi and Fort Walton Beach for poker and volleyball.  My team fared only slightly better than years past in the volleyball tournament.  I think we won two games on the first day then lost our first playoff game.  I learned to never pick up a “random” player again as the 4th guy we got to fill out our team turned out to be quite an “interesting” person… and not in a good way.  This year’s trip included an extra stop in Baton Rouge to see my nephew Don and his family.  I traveled to the left coast over Memorial Day weekend.  Spent two nights in San Francisco seeing Muir Woods, catching an A’s and Braves/Giants game, and visiting a few casinos & beaches.  The day of the A’s game was the coldest May 24th in Bay area history, perfect timing!  I then spent two nights in Reno playing cards at the various casinos and spent one afternoon at Lake Tahoe.   In June, as the final “hurrah” of the Year of Dave: Part 2, I went to Vegas to play in the World Series of Poker for the first time ever.  If you don’t know much about poker, the following few sentences won’t mean much to you.  I played in the 1500 pot limit Omaha hi/lo tournament which had 700+ players.  I lasted about 6 hours and made it roughly half way through the field.  The highlight for me was being seated right next to Phil Hellmuth.  I had him all-in after a flop with a big draw but his hand held up.  Oh well, almost a great story to tell.  On July 25th, I woke up and could still function as a normal human being.  Turns out life doesn’t end at 40 which means it must end at 50 and I’ve still got 9 1/2 good years left, sweet!  In August, I won a bet by gaining and then losing 50 pounds in 10 days.  I spent the next two days in the hospital but it was totally worth it to win the bet.  It’s also possible that didn’t happen at all.  My cousins Caity & Denise visited over Labor Day weekend.  I took them to the Tech home opener and they got to join the fun of the End of Summer party.  In October, I did two road trips to watch the Jackets play football.  The first was to Miss St which also included a night at the Pearl River Resort casino.  The second was to Vanderbilt.  In November, I spent 5 nights in San Juan.  Tech was playing in a basketball tournament there and that was excuse enough for a group of us to go.  In December, I went to Tampa to watch Tech win the ACC football championship, play some cards, and spend a little time on the beach (despite the lack of sunshine and temps in the 60’s).  Tech has now won 6 straight games that I’ve travelled to and I’m hoping that streak continues Jan 5th in Miami.

I hope everyone had a great 2009, has an even better 2010, and finds some time to visit McPherson Beach!


 Happy Holidays,

The McPherson Beach Staff (a.k.a. Dave)


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