The 2008 McPherson Beach Year in Review


2008 will probably be remembered as a very historical year.The people of America were ready for a change.We wanted a new leader to bring this country back to where it should be.Iím referring, of course, to Paul Johnsonís first year as the head football coach at Georgia Tech.The next great era in American history has just begun.

Pictured on this yearís card are the three cabbage palms I had planted in August.These are the first of their kind planted at Mac Beach but theyíve been sold by a local landscape company for a few years so they should survive the winters.They bring the total palm tree count to 26 and Iím running out of room to plant more.Now onto the year that was at McPherson BeachÖ

In January, I made a trip to Savannah for the annual college hockey tournament.Besides watching Tech beat Georgia, I did the casino cruise twice and made a quick trip to the beach on Tybee Island. ††In Feb, I made my first ever trip to the Golden Moon casino in the middle of nowhere in MS.In Mar, a group of us poker playing degenerates spent a long weekend in Biloxi, MS.

In April, I headed to Fort Walton Beach to once again play in the Fuddpucker volleyball tournament.Unfortunately, I had strained my groin for the first time in my life about two weeks before the tournament playing flag football (getting old sucks!).I was hoping I would be o.k. but, about 5 minutes into the first game, I strained it again.We had no subs so I hobbled around the sand all day being near worthless to my team while we lost all but one of our games.†† It was completely depressing and I vow revenge next April!I made my customary post-FWB stop in Biloxi to play some cards before heading home.

In May, I put in the final row of home theater style seating to the DSM Theater and added a thatch cover to the roof of the cabana by the pool.Later, I went down to Jacksonville Memorial Day weekend to go to the ACC baseball tournament, play some cards at a couple of new poker rooms, and visit some new beaches along the northeast FL coast.

One thing I didnít do in the month of June was play poker in a casino.This broke a streak of nine straight months that I found my way to a casino to play cards.I look forward to trying to break this record some year.

July 26th kicked off the Year of Dave: Part 2.10 years ago was the original Year of Dave when I was fairly convinced that life ended at 30.I vowed to live life to its fullest that year.Turns out life doesnít end at 30 so I can only assume the good times end at 40.As of this writing, Iíve got about 7 months left and Iíll be trying my best to make it the best 7 months ever!

In early August, the first ever Mac Beach Open was held.This was a 4-on-4 co-ed volleyball tournament benefitting Camp Twin Lakes ( teams played in the tournament and $605 was raised.My team made it to the finals but, fearing that winning the tournament that I organized would look suspicious, I intentionally threw the final game.Thatís my story and Iím sticking to it!I had a great time putting this tournament on and canít wait to do it again next summer.Later in August, I group of us headed to New York City to see a game in the final seasons of Yankee and Shea stadiums.We also spent a day at the Baseball Hall of Fame, visited ground zero & Times Square, ate a Nathanís hot dog on Coney Island, and watched some qualifying matches at the US Open.

In Sep, a group of us met up in Boston to see the Jackets defeat Boston College.I then drove to Conn to spend two nights at Foxwoods to play some poker.On the way, I stopped at a few new beaches in MA & RI (Proofreading comment: Can anyone read ďnew beachesĒ without thinking ďnude beachesĒ?Maybe itís just me).

In early Nov, I made a trip to Tunica, MS.Despite my obsession with casinos and poker, this was my first trip ever to Tunica which has 9 casinos.I added several chips to my ever expanding casino chip collection and, if anyone from the IRS is reading this, I lost several thousand dollars for the 20th consecutive trip.In late Nov, I reluctantly went to Athens for the Tech/UGA game.While I thought Tech had a good chance to win, I was really dreading the predicted weather for day, rain & cold.Not only did Tech win but the weather was about as good as could have been hoped for.All in all, a great day.

Mac Beach now contains sand from over 250 different beaches as sand from Martinique, Greece, Portugal, Columbia, and other destinations were added this year.Macís Game Room had another great year of poker tournaments.We continue to collect money for various charities during these Poker Nightís and the total donated over the years now stands at over $13,000. MGR also often hosts a weekly game that Iíve been playing in for a few years now.As always, we played just for fun and competition, with absolutely no money changing hands.From mid April to mid October, the McPherson Beach Volleyball League again hosted open play just about every weekend.Several new players joined the fun this year.Participation and the quality of play keep going up every year.The annual Summer Kick Off Party and End of Summer Party were enjoyed by all, the Bamboo Lounge hosted three more karaoke-filled Happy Hours in Feb, July, and Nov, and The DSM Theater hosted a few movie nights.

Happy Holidays,

The McPherson Beach Staff (a.k.a. Dave)


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