2005 McPherson Beach Year in Review


Family, friends, and bitter, bitter enemies:


Another year at the Beach has passed and, oh, what a year it was!  Private parties thrown by Tara and Diddy, features on the Travel Channel and E!, a visit from George W., swimsuit calendar shoots, high stakes poker with Doyle and Johnny, exclusive movie premiers, the list goes on and on.  O.K., none of that actually happened, so on to what did happen…


At the Beach: Poker Night at Mac’s Game Room continued to be fun for all.  I host a tournament about every 3 to 4 weeks and we usually get about 20 players each time.  The last two tournaments have been overflow crowds of 35.  The McPherson Beach Summer Volleyball League had another successful season.  Over 40 different people came out to play in the sand & sun.  We play pick up games most Sat’s from mid April to mid Oct.  Like an old Czech diesel, Movie of the Month Night at the DSM Theater keeps jugging along, showcasing fine feature films every month.  The Start of Summer party was hampered by cool weather.  I think it was in the low 60’s in late May (global warming my a$$!).  It was quite depressing to see people walking around in sweatshirts during a beach party.  I did have the pool heater on and it actually felt quite good but most people were more inspired to get near the bonfire.  The weather was much nicer for the End of Summer party in late Aug.  People were splashing around in the pool, volleyball was played for hours until dark, and bad karaoke was sung all night.  The karaoke idea initially seemed to be a bad one as my friend Greg and I were the only ones willing to make fools of ourselves.  Eventually, several folks loosened up (or succumbed to pressure) and showed they also have no skills on the mic.


On the Road:  In Feb, I spent a great weekend at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico for my cousin Eileen & Will’s wedding.  Good times for all (except for leaving 80 degree weather and returning to freezing rain in Atl).  In Jul, I spent a long weekend in Conn/RI visiting family.  Got to see some folks I hadn’t seen in many years, briefly visited a few beaches, and spent some quality time in the Foxwoods poker room.   In Aug, I fulfilled a lifetime goal when I went on an African safari.  It was a 10 night trip that started in South Africa and ended… wait a minute… that wasn’t me.  In Sept, I went to the GT/Auburn game where Tech continued their domination of Auburn.  I had plans to go from Auburn to Biloxi where I was then going to meet up with my nephew Don and his wife Beth for a day in New Orleans.  Well, this little storm called Katrina sort of messed that up!  In Oct, I spent a weekend in Clearwater Beach hanging out on the beach and playing cards.  Another little storm called Wilma (damn you Mother Nature!) messed up my initial plans to go to Miami for the GT/Miami game.   I made it down there in Nov for the rescheduled game and Tech made it 2 for 2 for me on road games.  Unfortunately, it was overcast most of the weekend and I think that deprived me of the full visual effect of the normal beach scene down there.  Oh well, guess I’ll have to go back sometime.  Finally, I just recently returned from a trip to Vegas and, while I’d love to give you all the details, I believe you know their policy.


Construction:  Because it’s silly to only have 1 TV in the room for people playing poker to watch, 2 27” TV’s were added to the Game Room.  Inspired by the Hard Rock in Vegas and the El Dorado in Mexico, the Cabanas at the Pool & Grotto were constructed in May (see photo).  The Cabanas are poolside overlooking the beach.  Just in time for the End of Summer party, the karaoke stage was built in what will become the Bamboo Lounge.  Also at that time, East Beach under went about a 15 foot expansion.  This involved the removal of 4 or 5 trees during which I endangered the lives a few friends.  In Nov, I had a fence put up around the back side of the pool per “request” from the “man”.  Over the course of the year, many, many holes were dug and then many, many holes were filled with sand (beaches don’t build themselves, well, except for the ones near the ocean).


By the numbers: 0 attempts to dam the creek, 1 violation of county code, 2 parties, 3 new TV’s, 5 vacations, 6 new palm trees, 12 movie nights, 16 poker nights, 18 volleyball games, 28 tons of sand added, 36 beaches from which sand was imported,  41 volleyball players, 100+ poker players, and 1328 leaves currently in my pool.


There you have it, the first ever Mac Beach Year in Review.  I’m sure you enjoyed reading it almost as much as I enjoyed writing it.  Be sure to save this soon-to-be-valuable piece of Americana in a safe place. 


Eagerly awaiting the return of warm weather,

      The McPherson Beach Staff (a.k.a. Dave)


“I never want to see a day that’s under 60 degrees.  I'd rather have it eighty, ninety, one hundred degrees!”  - Heat Miser


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