Mac Beach Open

Co-ed 4's Volleyball Tournament

Sat Jun 27th, 2020

To reserve a spot for your team, use the 'Contact Us' button on the bottom of the menu to the left. Include a team name, captain's name, other player's names, and at least two phone numbers and email addresses. For individuals who would like to play but do not have a team, let us know and we will try to put teams together as needed.


4 team pools    5 team pools    6 team pools    7 team pools    playoffs

8 teams or less

6 team pool    7 team pool    8 team pool    playoffs


1. Stay Sandy My Friends (Dave McPherson, Marina Mott, Ali Oberle, Rino Poli)
2. Porndemic (Rachel Ray, )
3. Player Haters Ball (Spencer Chappel, Amy Van Sant, Taylor Ray, Josh Marsh)
4. Paella and Wings (Chris Kettel, Megan Carnell, Savannah Burns, Jason Cabral)
5. Mom, meatloaf! (Chadd Magee, Alexa Osterloh, Gabi Saaverdra, A Boss)
6. Step Ladder Mafia (Wes Fincher, Kayla Weller, Rebekah Phelps, Brett Ebersol)
7. Cobra Kai (Elissa Waldrop, Chad Parker, Briana McDaniel, Jacob Adkins)
8. 84% Chance of Cards in Bobby's Backpack (Heather Stafford, Rachel Lawley, Bobby Mitchell, Caleb Thornley)
9. Lunch Only (Jacob Horsch, Megan Fisher, Molly Locke, Bruno Araujo)
10. Katie Sucks (Cory Barrow, Katie Onushko, Callie Blevins, Corey Burkett)
11. Crash... and Burn? (JD Healy, Cristina Stitt, Ashlyn Hartman, Kenny Bishop)
12. Two Ballers & 2 Dudes (Rajne Svenssohn, Tiffany Creamer, Liv Stasevich, Adam Stasevich)
13, Sugar Cookies Galore (Robin Montri, Barbara Walters, Brian Dunford, Dan vomSaal)
14. Squirt Alert (Tom Lombardo, Shayan Ahmadi, Elle Ross, Sarah Hedrick)

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