Shootout Championship

The Shootout Championship is held every year in Jul-Sep. The buy in is 80 (65 for the tournament/15 for charity) with an optional 60 for tier 2 and 32 players max. Exact date and time of the tournament will be announced about 4 weeks in advance. This event was changed from a heads-up format to a shootout format in 2008.

This is a no limit hold em tournament with 32 players max. Players will play 3 to 4 handed shootouts until a champion is determined. Round 1 will start with tables of 3 or 4 players each playing until 2 to 3 players are left. Round 2 also starts with tables of 3 to 4 players each playing until 1 or 2 players are left. Round 3 starts with the final four players. Players will start each round with 60 in chips. 1st place will receive 40% of the buy in, 2nd place 30%, 3rd place 20%, and 4th place 10%. Blinds will start at .25/.50 and increase every 20 mins. If a winner is not determined at the end of 3 hours, play will move to "overtime" at which blinds will increase every 5 minutes. There will be a 15 minute break between each round. All other regular tournament rules apply except for the clock in "overtime" where players will have 20 seconds to act instead of 1 minute and re-entries are not allowed for this tournament.

Past Champions
2011 Shootout Championship Results

2010 Shootout Championship Results

2009 Shootout Championship Results

2008 Shootout Championship Results

2007 Heads-Up Championship Results

2006 Heads-Up Championship Results


PlayersRound 1Round 2
82 tables/4 each/3 left2 tables/3 each/2 left
9-123 tables/3-4 each/2 left2 tables/3 each/2 left
13-164 tables/3-4 each/2 left2 tables/4 each/2 left
174 tables/4-5 each/2 left2 tables/4 each/2 left
18-246 tables/3 each/2 left4 tables/3 each/1 left
25-328 tables/3-4 each/2 left4 tables/4 each/1 left