Player of the Year Results

2017Rob Lee (2231)Heath Derrick (1467)David Allen (1350)
2015-16Ted Leahy (2857)Dave Roper (1715)Don Argo (1460)
2014Mike Sestrich (1672)Bret Levy (1417)Jeff Schuelke (1306)
2013Charles Loflin (2412)Ted Leahy (1252)Dave Moreshead (952)
2012Charles Loflin (1843)Dave Roper (1474)Kent McCall (1335)
2011Ron Thompson (1752)Kent McCall (1679)Eddie Winston (1391)
2010Charles Loflin (1170)Mike Thelen (1117)Brad Hendrickson (886)
2009Kent McCall (1425)Deepak Kaushik (962)Ted Leahy (866)
2008Kent McCall (1414)Mike Wood (1174)Bob Atwater (1121)
2007James Copher (1480)Kent McCall (1279)Ted Leahy (782)
2006Greg Lewis (927)Seth Lively (691)Greg Hebeler (623)
2004-05Greg Lewis (1235)Dave Roper (798)Mike Grady (529)