2013 Hold'em Championship

The 2013 Hold'em Championship was held Sat, Mar 12th. Charles Loflin won for 2nd year in a row while Ted Leahy, Scott Pope, and Dave McPherson finished 2nd thru 4th. Below is a recount of the action.

2013 Hold'em Championship Photos

Final table starting chip counts:
Charles Loflin - 579
James Copher - 364
Scott Pope - 273
Dave McPherson - 261
Ted Leahy - 177
Marco Antinarella - 164
Seth Lively - 142
Greg Lewis - 132
Pat Delisle - 38

Marco Antinarella eliminated in 9th place. With the blinds at 5/10, Marco moved all-in on a flop of A-9-J and Ted called. a Q came on the turn and the river was a 6. Hands were not recorded but, apparently, the Q was a suck out. Ted had pocket Q's to Marco's A? maybe K-10? we'll never know.

Pat Delisle eliminated in 8th place. Blinds still at 5/10 (maybe), Pat moved all-in from the cut off for 88, James went all-in over the top from the button, and the blinds folded. Pat showed K's and James showed A-10 (with Ted folding an A). the board ran out A-5-A-Q-6 sending Pat to the rail.

Greg Lewis eliminated in 7th place. With the blinds at 10/20, Dave limped pre-flop, Ted limped from the SB, and Greg moved all-in from the BB. Dave called and Ted folded. Greg showed K-Q but Dave showed slow played K's. the board came A-7-A-10-2.

Chip counts:
Charles Loflin - 544
Dave McPherson - 447
Ted Leahy - 301
Scott Pope - 289
James Copher - 230
Seth Lively - 122

Seth Lively eliminated in 6th place. With the blinds at 16/32, Seth limped from the cut-off, Dave raised to 76 on the button, and Seth called with 17 behind. the flop was 7-7-5, Seth moved all-in, and Dave called. Seth showed J-10 (known to some as the 'best hand in poker') and Dave showed J's. the turn was a 10 giving Seth a shot at the miracle runner runner but the river was a 9.

James Copher eliminated in 5th place. With the blinds at 25/50, action was folded to James in the SB who limped. Scott checked from the BB. the flop was 3h-6h-7h and both players checked. the turn was the 2c, James but 80 and Scott called. the river was the Js, James bet 150, Scott moved all-in having James covered, and James called. Scott showed 4h-5h for the flopped straight flush while James showed Kh-Jh. Straight flush vs King high flush on the flop, heads up, with 5 left in the tournament, WOW!!

Chip counts:
Scott Pope - 880
Charles Loflin - 665
Dave McPherson - 260
Ted Leahy - 260

Dave McPherson eliminated in 4th place. With the blinds somewhere between 25/50 & 40/80, Dave moved all-in under the gun for 300, Charles called from the button, and the blinds folded. Dave showed A-J but Charles showed A-K. no Jack came on a board of Q-6-2-3-A and Dave was out. at this point, Dave flipped the table in rage of anger sending chips and cards flying everywhere. after Dave was sedated and handcuffed to a deck post, played resumed.

Chip counts:
Charles Loflin - 1220
Scott Pope - 750
Ted Leahy - 110

Scott Pope eliminated in 3rd place. With the blinds at 40/80, Charles limped from the button, Scott moved all-in from the SB for 175, Ted folded the BB, and Charles reluctantly called. Scott showed Ac-10c and Charles showed Ks-2s. a 2c in the window was followed by Qh-Qs-5h-6h.

Chip counts:
Charles Loflin - 1115
Ted Leahy - 920

Charles Loflin wins the Hold'em Championship. With the blinds at 50/100, Ted pushed all-in from the SB for 460 and Charles called. Ted showed Js-8c and Charles showed As-Jc. no help for Ted on a board of 5-5-9-6-K gave Charles the Hold'em Championship!