2012 Hold'em Championship

The 2012 Hold'em Championship was held Sat, Feb 11th at 5:00. Charles Loflin was the champion while Marco Antinarella, Kent McCall, and Sean Purdy finished 2nd thru 4th. Below is a recount of the action.

2012 Hold'em Championship Photos

Laura Lively and Chad Dickinson were eliminated in 9th place on the final hands before moving to the final table.

Final table starting chip counts:
Sean Purdy - 633
Marco Antinarella - 321
Kent McCall - 272
Rodney Weems - 225
Charles Loflin - 176
Dave Roper - 125
Dave Sumner - 114
Seth Lively - 63

Seth Lively eliminated in 8th place. With the blinds at 6/12, Marco min raised, Dave Roper pushed all in, Seth called, and Marco folded pocket 10's. Dave showed pocket A's and Seth showed pocket 7's. the board ran out K-6-x-9-J and Dave's pocket A's held up.

Dave Sumner eliminated in 7th place. With the blinds still at 6/12, Dave moved all in for 19 and was called by Marco and Kent. The flop was J-9-7, Marco bet 30, and Kent folded. Marco showed Q-J and Dave showed pocket 8's. The turn was an A and the river a 3 bringing no help.

Chip counts:
Sean Purdy - 846
Marco Antinarella - 286
Kent McCall - 231
Charles Loflin - 222
Dave Roper - 215
Rodney Weems - 108

Dave Roper eliminated in 6th place. With the blinds at 10/20, the action folded to Dave in the SB who limped and Charles checked from the BB. The flop was 8s-Js-6d and both players checked. The turn was the 10s, Dave bet 35, Charles moved all in, and Dave called. Charles showed 6s-2s for a flush and Dave showed Ks-Kh needing another spade. The river was the 8h and Charles held for the win.

Rodney Weems eliminated in 5th place. With the blinds at 12/24, Marco limped, Rodney moved all in for 20, Kent called from the SB, and Sean checked from the BB. The flop came K-6d-9d, Kent bet 60 and Marco & Sean folded. Kent showed K-6 for two pair and Rodney showed pocket A's with a d. The turn was the 4d giving Rodney a flush draw but the river was the 8c. On the previous hand, Charles moved all on the turn with A-Qs with 3 low spades on board and Rodney called pocket 10's. An ace on the river crushed Rodney's great call and gave the ~500 chip pot to Charles.

Chip counts:
Sean Purdy - 812
Charles Loflin - 500
Kent McCall - 388
Marco Antinarella - 208

Sean Purdy eliminated in 4th place. With the blinds at 20/40, the action was folded to Sean in the SB and he moved all in for 230 and was called by Marco in the BB. Sean showed 10-6 and Marco showed pocket J's. The board ran out Qd-9d-Ad-7d-7c and Marco had the J of diamonds.

Chip counts:
Marco Antinarella - 750
Kent McCall - 715
Charles Loflin - 450

Kent McCall eliminated in 3rd place. With the blinds at 25/50, Charles raised from the button to 115, Kent moved all in for 215 on top, and Charles called. Kent showed 5c-4c and Charles showed K-J. The flop was K-Q-8 giving Charles top pair and drawing to runner runner. The turn as a 5 giving Kent 5 outs but the river was an ace.

Chip counts:
Charles Loflin - 1300
Marco Antinarella - 615

Charles Loflin wins the Hold'em Championship. With the blinds at 40/80, Charles and Marco limped preflop and the flop came 4d-As-5d. Marco bet 150 and Charles called. The turn was a 3, Marco moved all in, and Charles called. Marco showed 4h-2s for the wheel but Charles showed 7s-6s for the higher straight. The river could change nothing (and was not recorded) and Charles won the Hold'em Championship!