2011 Hold'em Championship

The 2011 Hold'em Championship was held Sat, Feb 12th at 5:00. Eddie Winston was the champion while Ron Thompson, Kent McCall, Greg Lewis, Seth Lively, and Mike Sestrich finished 2nd thru 6th. Below is a recount of the action.

2011 Hold'em Championship Photos

Final table starting chip counts:
Kent McCall - 584
Ron Thompson - 532
Mike Sestrich - 387
Seth Lively - 375
Frank Carrillo - 312
Darrin Cohen - 302
Eddie Winston - 258
Greg Lewis - 249
Pat Delisle - 123

Pat Delilse eliminated in 9th place. With the blinds at 16/32, 3 players limped, Kent limped from the SB, and Pat checked the BB. The flop came Qh-6h-2s, Kent bet 60, Pat went all-in for 82 more, everyone else folded, and Kent called. Pat showed Kh-Qd for top pair and Kent showed 4h-2h and bottom pair and flush draw. The turn was the Qc giving Pat trips but the river was the 8h giving Kent the win.

Frank Carrillo eliminated in 8th place. With the blinds at 20/40, Eddie limped, Kent called from the SB, Frank went all-in from the BB for 140 more, Eddie called, and Kent folded. Frank showed pocket 6's but Eddie had slow played pocket K's. The board ran out 8c-4c-3s-9s-Ad giving Eddie the win.

Darrin Cohen eliminated in 7th place. With the blinds stil at 20/40, the action was folded to Darrin on the button who moved all-in and Eddie called from the SB. Darrin showed As-4h and Eddie showed Ah-Ks. The board ran out Qh-8s-Kc-10c-10s giving Eddie another knockout.

Chip counts:
Eddie Winston - 915
Kent McCall - 875
Ron Thompson - 490
Seth Lively - 380
Greg Lewis - 275
Mike Sestrich - 190

Mike Sestrich eliminated in 6th place. With the blinds at 25/50, the action folded to Mike on the button, he moved all-in for 280, and Eddie again called from the SB. Mike showed As-8s and Eddie again showed a dominating hand with Ah-Qc. The board ran out 7c-Jh-6s-Ac-9c giving Eddie his 3rd consecutive knockout.

Seth Lively eliminated in 5th place. Blinds still at 25/50, Ron limped from the SB and Seth checked the BB. The flop came 10h-4h-4c, Ron went all-in, and Seth called. Ron showed Qh-7h for the flush draw and Seth showed 4d-3d for trips. The turn was the Jh giving Ron the flush and the river was the 9s providing no help to Seth.

Chip counts:
Eddie Winston - 1290
Ron Thompson - 795
Greg Lewis - 695
Kent McCall - 440

Greg Lewis eliminated in 4th place. With the blinds at 30/60, Greg raised to 200 in the cutoff, Eddie went all-in, and Greg called. Eddie showed pocket 9's and Greg showed Ad-10c. The flop came J-9d-3d giving Eddie a set but Greg a backdoor flush draw. The turn was a 3 giving Eddie a boat and the win. The river was a 'too late' A for Greg.

Chip counts:
Eddie Winston - 1840
Ron Thompson - 715
Kent McCall - 570

Kent McCall eliminated in 3rd place. Blinds still at 30/60, Eddie limped from the button, Ron limped from the SB, and Kent checked the BB. The flop came Qd-Jd-6h, Ron checked, Kent checked, Eddie bet 200, Ron folded, Kent went all-in, and Eddie called. Kent showed Qc-5s for top pair and Eddie showed 6d-2d for bottom pair and a flush draw. Kent was on the other side of the same spot when he knocked out Pat in 9th. Just like earlier, the turn was the 8d giving Eddie the flush and the win. To rub it in, the river was another 6.

Chip counts:
Eddie Winston - 2445
Ron Thompson - 685

Eddie Winston wins the Hold'em Championship. With the blinds at 40/80, Ron moved all-in from the SB and Eddie called from the BB. Eddie's luck with pre-flop all-in's wasn't about to end as Ron showed pocket 3's and Eddie showed pocket J's. The board ran out 10h-4c-2h-2s-Kc giving Eddie his 6th knockout at the final table and the Hold'em Championship!