2010 Open Championship

The 2010 Open Championship was held Sat, Jan 30th at 5:00. Kevin Chatfield was the champion while Charles Loflin, Dave McPherson, and Chad Dickinson finished 2nd thru 4th. Below is a recount of the action.

2010 Open Championship Photos

Final table starting chip counts:
Kevin Chatfield - 310
Charles Loflin - 293
Chad Dickinson - 209
Dave McPherson - 187
Bret Levy - 169
Steve Strasberg - 162
Seth Lively - 154
Frank Carrillo - 117
Dave Roper - 103

Dave Roper eliminated in 9th place. Blinds at 5/10, Dave moved all in for ~70 and Frank called with less. Dave showed pocket 10's and Franks showed A-Q. Q on the river left Dave with only 4. He went all in UTG, was called by a few players, and his hand did not hold up.

Seth Lively eliminated in 8th place. Seth raised pre-flop, Frank went all in, and Seth called. Frank showed pocket 9's and Seth showed A-Q. No A or Q and a 9 hit on the river giving Frank trips.

Steve Strasberg eliminated in 7th place. Steve raised pre-flop to 36, Kevin (we think) re-raised to ~120 to put Steve at risk, and Steve called all in. Kevin showed A-9 and Steve showed J-10. The flop came Q-9-x but the turn and river were blanks.

Chip counts:
Charles Loflin - 365
Kevin Chatfield - 356
Frank Carrillo - 286
Dave McPherson - 277
Chad Dickinson - 258
Bret Levy - 162

Bret Levy eliminated in 6th place. With the action folded to Bret in the SB, he raised. Chad re-raised in the BB, Bret went all-in for only a little more, and Chad called. Bret showed Ks-Qs and Chad showed pocket A's. Bret hit a Q on the flop, picked up a straight draw on the turn, but the A's held up on the river.

Frank Carrillo eliminated in 5th place. Blinds at 12/24, Frank limped from the SB and Chad checked from the BB. The flop came 4-6-7, Frank moved all in and Chad insta-called. Frank showed 10-7 for top pair but Chad showed 5-8 for the nut straight. No miracle runner-runner boat came.

Chip counts:
Charles Loflin - 665
Kevin Chatfield - 420
Chad Dickinson - 383
Dave McPherson - 236

Chad Dickinson eliminated in 4th place. Blinds at 20/40, the action folded to Chad on the button who moved all in for 180. Dave called from the SB. Chad showed K-Qh and Dave showed Ah-4. The board ran out 9h-8h-A-Kh-3h giving Dave the nut flush.

Chip counts:
Dave McPherson - 830
Kevin Chatfield - 595
Charles Loflin - 290

Dave McPherson eliminated in 3rd place. Blinds at 35/70 and following Charles doubling up thru Dave with J's vs 8's, Charles raised to 210 from the button, Dave moved all in from the BB for 325, and Charles called. Dave showed A-10 and Charles showed pocket 4's. The board ran out J-Q-5-8-5.

Chip counts:
Charles Loflin - 1070
Kevin Chatfield - 645

Kevin Chatfield wins the Open Championship. After nearly 9 hours of play and the blinds at 45/90, Kevin was all in preflop and called by Charles. Kevin showed 10c-9c and Charles showed pocked 2's. Amazingly, the flop came 9-10-2 as Charles went from ahead to way behind to way ahead as the cards were turned. The turn was a 10 as Kevin hit his 4 outer and stayed alive. No miracle on the river as it was a 3. This gave Kevin a huge chip lead and on the very next hand both players were all in preflop again. Charles showed J-6 and Kevin showed Q-6. The board ran out 7-10-10-4-K sealing the championship for Kevin.