2009 Open Championship

The 2009 Open Championship was held Sat, Jan 31st at 5:00. Deepak Kaushik was the champion while Ed King, Darin Cohen, Robert Hyslop, and Charles Loflin finished 2nd thru 5th. Below is a recount of the action.

2009 Open Championship Photos

Final table starting chip counts:
Deepak Kaushik - 490
Scott Pope - 464
Charles Loflin - 406
Mike Sestrich - 357
Ed King - 262
Darrin Cohen - 241
Robert Hyslop - 208
Greg Lewis - 175
Mike Wood - ?

Mike Wood eliminated in 9th place. Mike held A-7 but Scott made a straight holding 10-8.

Greg Lewis eliminated in 8th place. Greg held pocket 9's while Charles held pocket Q's.

Scott Pope eliminated in 7th place. After a flop of Q-J-4 and a turn of K, Ed bet 75, Scott moved all in, and Ed called. Scott showed K-2 for top pair but Ed showed 9-10 for the straight.

Mike Sestrich eliminated in 6th place. Mike moved all in after a flop of K-8-7 and was called by Deepak. Mike showed 8-7 for bottom 2 pair but Deepak showed K-8 for top 2 pair. The turn and river were J-6 and there was no 2 outer for Mike.

Chip counts:
Deepak Kaushik - 745
Ed King - 555
Robery Hyslop - 520
Darrin Cohen - 495
Charles Loflin - 255

Charles Loflin eliminated in 5th place. Charles and Darrin were all in preflop. Charles showed pocket 9's but were dominated by Darrin's pocket A's. The board ran out 8-3-6-K-4 bringing no 9 for Charles.

Robert Hyslop eliminated in 4th place. Robert and Darrin were all in preflop. Robert showed pocket 3's and, this time, Darrin only had pocket K's. The board ran out 6-6-8-A-Q and Darrin's over pair held again.

Darrin Cohen eliminated in 3rd place. Darrin (on the short stack we presume) moved all in preflop and was called by Deepak. Darrin showed 3-6 and Deepak showed A-T. The board ran out 4-5-T-K-9 and Deepak won with a pair of T's.

Deepak Kaushik wins the Open Championship. Blinds at 50/100, Ed and Deepak were all in preflop (we presume). Ed held 8-4 while Deepak held Q-3. The board came J-7-2-Q-2 giving Deepak 2 pair and the win.