2008 Open Championship

The 2008 Open Championship was held Sun, Jan 27th at 1:00. Sam Rowcliff was the champion while Steve Strasberg, Mike Wood, and Frank Carrillo finished 2nd thru 4th. Below is a recount of the action.

2008 Open Championship Photos

Final table starting chip counts:
Sam Rowcliff - 375
Seth Lively - 290
Steve Strasberg - 265
Mike Wood - 215
Kevin Chatfield - 169
Bob Atwater - 150
Kevin Lee - 123
Frank Carrillo - 107
Dave Sumner - 40

Dave Sumner eliminated in 9th place. On the short stack, Dave moved all-in preflop for 40 and was called by Steve. Dave showed K-J and Steve showed A-9 and the board brought no help for Dave.

Kevin Lee eliminated in 8th place. Seth raised preflop, Kevin moved all-in, and Seth called. Kevin showed K-J and Seth showed A-K. the board came A-2-Q-9-6 giving Seth a pair of aces.

Kevin Chatfield eliminated in 7th place. Kevin moved all-in preflop and was called by Sam. Kevin showed A-J and Sam showed 10-10. Kevin missed the board and Sam's pocket tens held up.

Chip counts:
Sam Rowcliff - 601
Steve Strasberg - 453
Seth Lively - 268
Mike Wood - 191
Frank Carrillo - 116
Bob Atwater - 105

Bob Atwater eliminated in 6th place. Bob min raised preflop and was called by Mike. the flop came 10-6-4. Bob pushed all-in and, after much thought, Mike called. Bob showed Q-8 for a bluff but Mike showed 8-7 for a draw that put Bob ahead. the turn was a 7 giving Mike a pair and the lead and the river was a K.

Seth Lively eliminated in 5th place. Steve raised to 45 preflop, Seth re-raised to 100, Steve then moved all-in, and Seth called. Steve showed Q-J and Seth showed A-10. the board came Q-9-6-4-J giving Steve 2 pair.

Chip counts:
Sam Rowcliff - 593
Steve Strasberg - 503
Mike Wood - 468
Frank Carrillo - 170

Frank Carrillo eliminated in 4th place. Mike raised to 40 preflop, Frank moved all-in for 110, and Mike called. Frank showed A-6 and Mike showed K-10. the board came K-7-Q-3-Q giving Mike K's & Q's. Frank became the 3rd consecutive player to get their chips in good only to lose.

Chip counts:
Sam Rowcliff - 771
Mike Wood - 615
Steve Strasberg - 443

Mike Wood eliminated in 3rd place. Mike made a big all-in bet and Steve called. Mike had 8-7 and Steve had Q-4. the board came J-4-9-4-J giving Steve 4's full of J's. (not sure if the all-in occurred preflop, on the flop, etc).

Chip counts:
Sam Rowcliff - 889
Steve Strasberg - 845

Sam Rowcliff wins the Open Championship. on the final hand, Steve raised to 90, Sam raised to 300, Steve moved all-in, and Sam called. Steve showed A-8 and Sam showed Q-J (Steve's lucky hand from earlier against Seth). once again, Ace high was no match for Q-J as the board came 2-J-9-5-Q giving Sam 2 pair and the championship.