2007 Open Championship

The 2007 Open Championship was held Sat, Jan 27th at 5:00. James Copher was the champion while Andrew Tryalski, Chip Miller, Kent McCall, and Mike Grady finished 2nd thru 5th. Below is a recount of the action.

2007 Open Championship Photos

Final table starting chip counts:
Chip Miller - 346
James Copher - 276
Steve Strasberg - 231
Bobby Burford - 203
Mike Grady - 158
Van Le - 152
Andrew Tyralski - 125
Kent McCall - 107
Pat Delisle - 90

Bobby Burford eliminated in 9th place. James raises to 36 and Bobby calls. flop comes A-J-2. James bet 45 and Bobby went all-in over the top and James called. Bobby showed pocket 7's but James had A-J for 2 pair which held up.

Steve Strasberg eliminated in 8th place. Steve moves all-in preflop and is called by Kent who has him covered. Steve shows A-7 and Kent shows A-10. board comes 8-J-3-A-Q and Kent wins with the better kicker.

Van Le eliminated in 7th place. Mike raises to 75 pre-flop, Pat calls all-in for 19, and Van goes all-in for 81... and Mike calls! Van shows A-7, Mike shows pocket 8's, and Pat shows J-5. board comes J-J-6-7-5 giving Pat a full house to win the main pot. Mike's 8's hold up to the win the side pot.

Pat Delisle eliminated in 6th place. Pat moves all-in preflop and is called by Chip and Kent. Pat shows A-10, Chip shows pocket 9's, and Kent shows A-7. Chip & Kent check it down as the board comes 2-5-6-4-8 giving Kent a straight.

Chip counts:
James Copher - 542
Kent McCall - 561
Mike Grady - 245
Chip Miller - 186
Andrew Tyralski - 155

Mike Grady eliminated in 5th place. Mike goes all-in preflop for 175 and is called by James. Mike shows A-J and James shows A-3. the flop came 2-4-10 giving James a straight draw. the turn was a 2 and the river was a... 5 giving James the straight.

Chip counts:
Kent McCall - 729
James Copher - 557
Andrew Tyralski - 298
Chip Miller - 111

Kent McCall eliminated in 4th place. with the blinds at 16/32, James raises to 64, Kent moves all-in for 81, and James calls. Kent shows 6-2 and James shows Q-7. board came 5-K-8-9-J and James wins with Q high. on the previous hand, James won a huge pot off Kent when James hit a set on the flop that gave Kent top pair with a K kicker.

Chip counts:
James Copher - 1112
Chip Miller - 340
Andrew Tyralski - 214

Chip Miller eliminated in 3rd place. James raises to 64 preflop, Chip goes all-in for 110, and James calls. Chip shows pocket 7's and James shows 7-2 of hearts. flop came 5-8-K with 1 heart. turn was the A of hearts and the river was the J of hearts giving James the runner-runner flush.

Chip counts:
James Copher - 1262
Andrew Tyralski - 428

James Copher wins the Open Championship. after a couple of changes in the chip lead, both players get all-in preflop. James showed pocket Q's and Andrew showed K-10. the board came 6-9-6-5-A and James Q's held up for the championship win.