2006 Open Championship

The 2006 Open Championship was held Sat, Jan 7th at 5:00. Steve Strasberg was the champion while Frank Carrillo, Mike Grady, Dave McPherson, and Greg Hebeler finished 2nd thru 5th. Below is a recount of the action.

Final table starting chip counts:
Dave Roper - 248
Dave Sumner - 198
Trish Barham - 186
Steve Strasberg - 138
Dave McPherson - 102
Bret Levy - 100
Greg Hebeler - 99
Randy Lihs - 99
Mike Grady - 73
Frank Carrillo - 51

Randy Lihs eliminated in 10th place. Randy raised pre-flop, Steve re-raised, Randy called. flop is Q-K-Q, Randy all-in, Steve calls. Randy shows pockets 8's and Steve shows pocket K's. Randy needs runner, runner 8's. turn is an 8. river is a... 5. Steve wins with Kings over Queens.

Dave Roper eliminated in 9th place. Steve raises to 50, Dave R calls, Dave S calls. flop was 4-K-7. Dave R all-in, Dave S folds, Steve calls. Dave R shows K-9 and Steve shows A-K. turn is a 2 and the river is an 8. Steve wins with a pair of Kings, Ace kicker.

Bret Levy eliminated in 8th place. Bret all-in for 101, Steve calls. Bret shows A-Q and Steve shows pocket 10's. flop is 8-10-K giving Steve trips but Bret a straight draw. turn is a 2 and the river is a 7. Steve wins with trip 10's.

Dave Sumner eliminated in 7th place. Steve raises and Dave S calls all-in. Steve has pocket 7's and Dave S has K-4. flop is J-9-4 all diamonds giving Dave S a King high flush draw. turn is a 3 and river is a 9 with no diamonds and Steve's pockets 7's hold up.

Trish Braham eliminated in 6th place. Mike raises to 60, Trish moves all-in, and Mike calls. Trish has A-8 suited and Mike has pocket 7's. flop is 4-5-A giving Trish the lead. turn is a 7 giving Mike trips. river is a 9 and Mike wins with trip 7's.

Chip counts:
Mike Grady 462
Steve Strasberg 445
Greg Hebeler 294
Frank Carrillo 70
Dave McPherson 43

Greg Hebeler eliminated in 5th place. Steve raises to 50 and Greg calls in the big blind. flop is A-3-5 and both players check. turn is a 4. Greg bets 50, Steve raises all-in, and Greg calls. Steve shows pockets 2's giving him a straight. Greg shows A-3 for 2 pair. Greg needs an A, 2, or 3 to stay alive but the river is a 6.

Dave McPherson eliminated in 4th place. Steve raises to 50, Dave calls all-in for 26, and Mike calls. flop is 9-8-3. Steve bets 100 and Mike folds. Steve shows Q-8 for a pair of 8's and Dave shows A-7. turn is 3 and the river is a 9 and Steve wins with a pair of 8's.

Chip counts:
Steve Strasberg 842
Mike Grady 442
Frank Carrillo 45

Mike Grady eliminated in 3rd place. Steve raises to 80, Mike re-raises all in, and Steve calls getting big pot odds. Mike shows A-J and Steve shows Q-4. flop is Q-9-5 giving Steve the lead. turn is a 4 giving Steve 2 pair and Mike is drawing dead. river is a K and Steve wins with two pair.

Chip counts:
Steve Strasberg 1035
Frank Carrillo 278

Steve Strasberg wins the Open Championship. after Frank doubled up on the first heads up hand, Steve regained chip control and won on the following hand. Frank pushed all-in preflop and Steve called. Frank shows Q-8 and Steve shows A-J. flop is 8-K-A giving Steve top pair and Frank bottom pair. turn is a 2, no help. Frank has to catch a Q or 8 but the river is a 10 and, at 2:05 a.m., Steve is the champ.